We, (I think you’ll immediately discover that there’s a better half involved in this website) were looking for baby gifts for our friends who were expecting the arrival of their first born. Being a little new to the game of newborn babies, we had no idea what it, or more importantly their parents, might like. We scoured the internet and found a plethora of toys, blankets, pictures, books and a host of baby equipment that made no sense to us… so we played safe.

Our friends looked like they really appreciated the cuddly (and incredibly fluffy) giraffe. He, of course he was a boy giraffe, to go with the brand new baby boy, sat proudly in the cot. He then looked less proud as he fell over. He looked somewhat pitiful as his head hung through the bars. He looked altogether doodoo (baby word needed), when squashed up alongside another dozen or so animals of various sizes, each as cuddly (and incredibly fluffy) as the next.

So, we realized we may not have any ideas about baby gifts, but we could change that… and we could help others too. And we’ll need to learn fast as our own little bundle of joy will be joining us shortly.

And so, For Baby GIfts was “born”.