Do you have an extremely expensive consumer loan and pay off a mortgage at the same time? Do you want to gain purchasing power by reducing your monthly payments or drastically reducing the amount of your interest? Merging your consumer credit with your home loan may be the solution.

It is now possible to transform your consumer credit into a mortgage! You will benefit from a more advantageous interest rate while reducing the total amount of your monthly payments.

Transform your consumer loan into real estate loan to gain purchasing power!

1 simple technique: redeem your consumer loan and your home loan

1 simple technique: redeem your consumer loan and your home loan

Some banks have a heritage dimension that others do not have.

And these can offer you the possibility of buying back your home loan and your consumer loan (s). In this case, you will only have one loan, which will be called a home loan.

Your consumer loan will be transformed into a mortgage. You will therefore benefit for the capital that you have to repay on this loan of the rates applicable to real estate loans , much more attractive than the rates relating to consumer loans.

You will significantly decrease the interest rate on your consumer loan (now a mortgage) and could earn a significant amount of interest.

In addition, the repurchase of your loans will be carried out over the remaining term of your mortgage, or over a shorter term. The monthly payments relating to your consumer loan will therefore be much lower than at present since it is generally reimbursed over a much longer period!

2 advantages: gain purchasing power or earn many interests

2 advantages: gain purchasing power or earn many interests

Merging your consumer loan with your mortgage will allow you to choose:

  • Gain purchasing power if you redeem your loans for a period equivalent to your current mortgage

During periods of low interest rates , the interest rate applicable to your current mortgage will decrease, and the cost of your credit with it (in other words, the amount of your interest will be lowered).

Whatever the evolution of rates, your consumer credit will be transformed into mortgage so you will make a significant saving in terms of interest.

In addition, the monthly payments of your consumer credit will be spread over the duration of your mortgage to minimize the overall amount of your monthly payments…. and increase your purchasing power! 

  • Significantly reduce the interest applicable to your loans if you redeem them for a shorter duration than that of your current mortgage

If your debt capacity allows, you can redeem your current home loan for a shorter period to significantly reduce the cost of it.

As you probably know, the shorter the duration of a loan, the lower the rates, and vice versa obviously. If you therefore reduce the duration of your mortgage, you will benefit from a rate much lower than the one you know, and will significantly reduce the cost of your credit.

But your monthly payments may increase, so be careful with your debt capacity! Your charges must not exceed 33% of your income.

Did your bank tell you that reducing the duration of your loan was impossible in view of your debt ratio, too large because of your consumer credit? You now have the solution!

Integrating your consumer loan into your home loan will reduce the overall amount of your monthly payments and, de facto, your debt capacity. If you are looking for the highest possible interest gain, such an operation can be really interesting!

Your interest gain will in most cases be much greater than if you keep your consumer credit, especially as you will benefit from mortgage loan rates on it!


  1. Merging your consumer credit with your home loan can allow you to reduce your overall monthly payments and increase your purchasing power
  2. Reducing the duration of your current mortgage as much as possible by integrating your consumer loan is THE method that will save you a lot of interest
  3. Integrating your consumer credit into your home loan can give you sufficient debt capacity for a new real estate investment